what is origami ?

In short, Origami is referred to as the art of paper folding. The name Origami has settled in our language from Japanese, but the history of art is based on China. No scissors or glue are used in this fun art; it is entirely based on paper and skill and experience. Although it is a fun art, it is actually the art of paper folding that requires manual dexterity. Origami actually comes from a Japanese name; It consists of a combination of the Japanese word (folding) and gami (paper). It is common to be known as Japanese art, but it is actually China.It is invented.what is origami ?

These papers were generally used in religious ceremonies or to wrap gifts after the invention of paper. In fact, it is not only art but necessity. In the future, we focused on the different uses of paper and started to be taught in schools. The art of paper folding has reached such a point that Origamin’s relationship with mathematics was born from here, which has been shown to be of great benefit in advancing the mathematical intelligence of children.


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