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Souvenirs and Christmas Crafts with Your Own Hands at Home

How to Make a Christmas Tree

How to Make a Christmas Tree

How to make a christmas tree.decorating a tree what is a christmas tree how to do what is needed for a christmas tree home and garden decorations

I brought to your attention a master class on creating a decorative Christmas tree with your own hands. We will make it out of felt. It is very pleasant to work with felt: it does not crumble and keeps its shape well.

A felt tree can be of any color, it all depends on your desire and imagination.

Necessary Materials:

  • felt – 3 sheets of A4 size,
  • foam cone,
  • small flowerpot,
  • 2 large wooden skewers,
  • satin ribbons, lace, etc.,
  • plaster of paris (alabaster),
  • wire for crafts with a diameter of 3 mm,
  • New Year decorations – optional,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive thermo gun.










We cut two skewers or cut them in half and glue all 4 parts with a hot glue gun.                                                   Any other suitable tree trunk can be used.

We dilute the building plaster with cold water to a thick sour cream consistency. We transfer it to a small pre-prepared glass, jar or pot that fills a little more than half. We immediately place the barrel in the middle until the plaster has set (in my case: glued kebab skewers), we hold it until the plaster catches.

Coated plaster can be covered with fine foam or any other suitable decorative material. While the plaster was not hardened, I immediately dipped it in a few foam balls.

Next, you need to prepare the cone. It can be made of polystyrene, floral or even polyurethane foam. We have to cover the bottom of the cone. To do this, cut a circle or square slightly larger than the diameter of the base of the cone from felt (the shape does not matter). We make a hole in the circle right in the middle. Cut the protruding edges and fix them on the cone with hot glue. Apply the glue to the felt, not the foam, otherwise it will melt.

You can gently decorate the bottom of the tree trunk with a ribbon. We place the cone itself on top.

We tie 2-3 wires to the cone (one is slightly longer) to form a beautiful curved crown.


We knit a ponytail from 3 strips of felt … Without stretching the felt, carefully place the strands so that the braid is straight. Fix the beginning and edge with hot glue.

Carefully glue the finished ponytails in a spiral to the cone.

It is better to glue them together without overlapping, the joint will join. Visible transitions can always be decorated with small ornaments


Christmas tree decoration finished here



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