Making penguin with paper folding

First of all, hello to all, dear followers, in this article, I will share the production of origami with paper folding with you readers.I hope you like this site which was established to have a pleasant time with your children at home and increase your hand skills in these difficult times, with the hope of following us on our social media accounts.

We fold our paper as in picture 1, Folding shapes are very important in one go

We fold our paper as in the images.

How it is folded into image number 6 is important

now we are coming to the end right, as if it started to look like Something.don’t forget to come out

and paper penguin production is finished I hope you did as you wish.
There are many more origami varieties on our site and they will be added further. If you share your thoughts and comments with us, you can give us ideas and help you have a happy day


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