Origami Tree Making

How To Make Origami Tree Making. Origami Tree

How To Tree?


First of all, greetings to everyone, Today I will share with you the making of the origami tree origami and the Christmas tree. Of course,. It is up to you to decorate our origami as usual, but this time is not without decoration, because this is a Christmas  Making

We fold our paper as in the image, be sure to do the curls at once without deforming the paper.

origami ağacı

  • then follow the steps of the origami tree in the image to make the image look like something. Making an Origami Tree

origami ağacı

  • Holding is Over Here

Origami ile bir ağaç nasıl yapılır

  • Now only scissors cuts are left, I hope you like it and I wish you a pleasant and healthy day.

In this article, we made beautiful and enjoyable shapes. In the future, we will make more enjoyable but a little tiring and difficult motifs, but our priority is to continue making cute origami for children and for a while.


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