How to Make an Easy Origami Snake

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Origami Snake Making


    1. Fold a square sheet of paper diagonally, and then


  2.Fold the lower and upper corners to the marked line


3. The basic form “Kite”. Turn.


          4. Lower the long s  ides to the middle.


              5. Bend the short edges to the fold.


            6. Fold the figurine in half, bending the top away from you.


7. Lower the corner by turning it inside out.



8. Open the work and make a fold-zipper, releasing the corner-tongue down. Fold in the sides by folding a piece of paper over the future snake head.






9. Уберите внутрь фигурки уголки. Сделайте складки-молнии.



10. The origami snake is ready. A normal snake will turn into a cobra if you don’t bend the sides in action 8.





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