How to make disinfectant ?Homemade disinfectant recipe…

How to make disinfectant ?Homemade disinfectant recipe…

howeverhoweverHow to make disinfectant ?

how to make disinfectant

Everyone started to search for ways to protect against corona virus. Experts who state that it is possible to protect against corona virus with the measures to be taken in daily life, states the importance of hand cleaning and hygiene.however Disinfectants are important at this point and can be done at home. Here is a natural disinfectant recipe at hom How to make disinfectant ?

howeverThe need for disinfectants has increased due to the Corona virus, and citizens are researching methods of preparing disinfectants in their homes. Disinfected products; Disinfectant residues need to be inspected if they are directly consumed or used by man. However, disinfectant can be made from natural materials in every home. Here is the disinfectant recipe at home…

How to make disinfectant ?


  • –2 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • –2 cups of hot water
  • –Half teaspoon lavender oil
  • –3 drops of tea tree oil

You can prepare your disinfectant by putting them all in a bowl and mixing them until the powder ones dissolve. Homemade disinfectant
I wish everyone a hygienic day.How to make disinfectant ?Homemade disinfectant recipe


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