Does Washable Black Mask Protect From Coronavirus?

Will Washable Black Nano Masks Protect From Coronavirus?

Black Mask

Due to its coronavirus, masks suddenly entered our lives quickly. Today, there are many types of masks produced for many purposes, but recently they pose a huge danger under the name of washable black nano masks that are sold almost every corner, including on the internet and street vendors.

First, no scientific studies exist for masks they call nanotechnology today. They use the phrase ‘nanotechnology’ just to market the product and gain trust from people. They say these are safe, but they use it to gain more trust and market. Another method of gaining trust is that the producers make sales by saying that they are ‘domestic production’. Yes, masks may have been produced in our country, but this does not prove that this mask is medically reliable. Masks are health products.Does Washable Black Mask Protect From Coronavirus?Does Washable Black Mask Protect From Coronavirus?

black nanotechnology masks do not protect us from any virus.

So Which Mask To Use?

Of course, we should use the masks that we can buy from the hospitals and pharmacies that we have used safely up to this time, according to the occupational health and safety standards determined by the American National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the document is classified as N95, N99 N100.Does Washable Black Mask Protect From Coronavirus?


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